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Materials Science and Engineering

How to Apply


Admission as a Freshman

When admitted as a freshman, students have the opportunity to be a part of Enginuity Hall, a community of scholars who live in

the same residence hall areas, form study groups and help each other master the basic mathematics and science skills they will need in their engineering courses.

Introductory Engineering courses help make the challenge real, giving them a foundation in the skills and disciplines they will be developing over the next four years.

The Bourns College of Engineering offers a program ranking at the very top tier of colleges of similar size. We are different because we are large enough to be outstanding and small enough to give you personal attention. Our commitment is to nurture your growth, give you the classes you need and help keep you on track to complete your degree on time.


Admission as a Transfer

Admission to the Bourns College of Engineering is highly selective, but with the right preparation, transfer students have thrived in our programs.

Applicants with the strongest academic preparation and performance will be the most competitive. Each student must complete general admissions requirements, in addition to more specific requirements that vary based on the desired major.

All transfer admission requirements are subject to change.

If you are looking for information about earning a second Bachelor of Science degree, please go here.

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