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Fixed Fee-For-Service


Fixed Fee-For-Service

The following lists some of the instruments available to current members of our Fixed Fee-For-Service facilities at a flat-rate of $500 per academic year.

  • Current Members

  • Becoming a Fixed Fee-For-Service Member
    1. Send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (pcheung@engr.ucr.edu), an email indicating interest in becoming a member or request a tour for your research group

    2. Upon confirmation of membership, an email with a FAU acknowledgement will be sent to the PI from Christina Gnuschke to be charged a flat-rate of $500 per calendar year

  • Access to Fixed Fee-For-Service Facilities
    1. Complete the following 3 (or 4) training modules via UC Learning

      1. Laboratory Safety Fundamentals [previously Laboratory Safety Orientation (Fundamentals) 2013]

      2. Hazardous Waste Management

      3. Compressed Gas Safety

      4. X-Ray Safety (for MSE 309 only)

    2. Review the MSE 150 250 309 Policies and Regulations

    3. Fill out the MSE 150 250 309 Authorization Form with PI signature

    4. Deliver a printed copy of your training transcript and signed Authorization Form to facilities manager (MSE 311)

    5. Send a recent headshot photo of yourself to the facilities manager (a simple JPEG using your phone will suffice)

    6. Access to any facility computer requires your ENGR login and password

    7. For non ENGR users, you will need to send the facilities manager an email with your UCR NetID first, who will then forward a request to Systems to create an ENGR account.

    8. Wait for an email from Systems, then proceed to create an ENGR account via their webpage.  If you have issues, send an email to Systems (systems@engr.ucr.edu) or visit them (Bourns Hall A344/308).

    9. Send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (pcheung@engr.ucr.edu), an email indicating interest in specific instruments

    10. Upon completion of training, an account will be created to access our Faces scheduling system (Group: ucr_mse_ffs) for reserving instrument time

    11. You may also request a key for MSE 150, 250, or 309 from facilities manager

  • Training on Fixed Fee-For-Service Instruments
    1. Once you have been given access to a Faces account and access to the facilities, you may request training on any instrument by sending an email to the facilities manager

    2. Trained users are NOT ALLOWED to train anyone else on any equipment

    3. Trained users are NOT ALLOWED to bring in any unauthorized visitors even if the visitors are observing the trained user without prior notification to the lab manager

    4. All visitors MUST complete the following 3 (or4) training modules via UC Learning and inform the lab manager prior to entering the lab as an EH&S requirement

  • Non-ENGR Student Account Issues
    1. If you cannot log-in to a computer with your ENGR account, your account may be expired (needs to be renewed yearly if non-ENGR student)

    2. Send an email to facilities manager, Perry Cheung (pcheung@engr.ucr.edu), an email with your ENGR login indicating expired ENGR account