Nikon Eclipse LV 100D-U Microscope

Optical Microscopes

MSE 250


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Instrument Specifications
Illumination Modes

Episcopic (EPI)

Diascopic (DIA)

Microscopy Methods

EPI: Brightfield

EPI: Darkfield

EPI: Simplified Polarization

EPI: Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)

DIA: Brightfield

Objective Properties

Lateral Magnifications: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

LU = Nikon Luminous Universal (Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC, and Polarized Light)

Plan = Flat Field optical correction

Fluor = Fluorite aberration correction

Inf (symbol) = Infinity corrected tube length

0 = no coverglass correction (distortions if used with coverglass)

BD = Brightfield or Darkfield

A = DIC Prism setting

WD = Working Distance in mm

OFN = Field Number in mm

Camera Canon Rebel T5 EOS DSLR
Image Capture Software Canon EOS Utility
Useful Documentation
UCR training and operators manual

UCR MSE Nikon Training Notebook rev 3.3 (last modified May 20, 2021)

Images to establish scale bar using Image J Scale Bar Images Zip
Nikon operators manual Nikon LV-100D-U Manual
Nikon Training Videos
Nikon Training ver 1. (full playlist) III. EPI Brightfield VII. DIA Brightfield
0. Introduction IV. EPI Darkfield VIII. Image Capture
I. Microscope Layout V. EPI Polarization IX. Cleanup
II. Startup VI. EPI Differential Interference Contrast X. ImageJ


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