TGA: Netzsch TG 209 F1 Libra

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MSE 250


2-Hour Training: $20 + $50 Alumina Crucible (if necessary)

Regular Usage: $10/hour


  • Instrument Specifications
    Crucibles for Automatic Sample Changer (ASC)

    Alumina Crucible:

    Al2O3 (99.7% purity), 6.8 mm diameter, 4 mm height, 85 µL volume

    Maximum Temperature of 1700°C

    Single Crucible - Order Number from Netzsch: GB399972

    Maximum Sample Weight 2 g (including crucible)
    TGA Resolution 0.1 µg
    Temperature Range Ambient Room Temperature to 1100°C
    Calibrated Heating Rates for User

    2.5 K/min (Air only)

    5 K/min (N2 only)

    10 K/min (N2 only)

    20 K/min (Air and N2)

    30 K/min (N2 only)

    Additional Heating Rates available by request (may require use fees)

    Available Heating Rate

    0.001 K/min to 200 K/min
    Furnace Cooling Nitrogen Gas: Approximately 12 min from 1100°C to 100°C
    Vacuum-Tightness 10-2 mbar (1 Pa)
    Gas Atmospheres

    UHP Nitrogen

    Air (80% N20% O2)

  • Useful Documentation
    UCR training and operators manual UCR MSE Netzsch TGA Training Notebook rev. 1.2 (last updated November 16 2018)
    Manufacturers crucible compatibility table Crucible Compatibility Table
    Manufacturers recommended Alumina and Pt crucible cleaning procedure Cleaning Alumina and Pt Crucibles
    Manufacturers gases compatibility table Gases Compatibility Table
    Mettler Toledo tips and hints for thermal analysis in practice Tips and Hints
    Manufacturers TGA and DSC accessories catalog TGA and DSC Accessories
  • Training Videos
  • Access to TGA
    1. Only trained users are allowed to operate the equipment

    2. Trained users are NOT ALLOWED to train anyone else on the equipment

    3. Trained users are NOT ALLOWED to bring in any unauthorized visitors even if the visitors are observing the trained user without prior notification to the lab manager

    4. All visitors MUST complete the following 3 training modules via UC Learning and inform the lab manager prior to entering the lab as an EH&S requirement

  • Training Request for TGA
    1. Have your PI send the facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email indicating request and approval for your training

    2. Complete the following 3 training modules via UC Learning

      1. Laboratory Safety Fundamentals [previously Laboratory Safety Orientation (Fundamentals) 2013]

      2. Hazardous Waste Management

      3. Compressed Gas Safety

    3. Review the TGA & DSC Policies and Regulations

    4. Fill out the TGA & DSC FAU Authorization Form with FAU, PI signature, and your PI's departmental MSO or FAO signature

    5. Deliver a printed copy of your training transcript and signed FAU form to facilities manager (MSE 311)

    6. Send a recent headshot photo of yourself to the facilities manager (a simple JPEG using your phone will suffice)

    7. Access to the computer requires your ENGR login and password

    8. For non ENGR users, you will need to send the facilities manager an email with your UCR NetID first, who will then forward a request to Systems to create an ENGR account

    9. Wait for an email from Systems, then proceed to create an ENGR account via their webpage.  If you have issues, send an email to Systems ( or visit them (Bourns Hall A344/308)

    10. Send the facilities manager your ENGR username

    11. You will receive an email in a few days with your username and temporary password to reserve time on our Faces scheduling system (Group: ucr_tga_dsc)

    12. Check available 2 hour blocks on Faces and arrange a time with the facilities manager for training

    13. Reserve a 2 hour block on Faces for the "Netzsch TGA" resource

    14. Review ALL TGA Training Videos (see above) first before your actual in-person training session

    15. Meet outside lab manager’s office (MSE 311) on agreed training day and time.  Bring 2 pairs of gloves.

    16. Once training is completed, you may request a key for MSE 250 from the facilities manager

  • Non-ENGR Student Account Issues
    1. If you cannot log-in to a computer with your ENGR account, your account may be expired (needs to be renewed yearly if non-ENGR student)

    2. Send an email to facilities manager, Perry Cheung (, an email with your ENGR login indicating expired ENGR account