Raman: ThermoFisher DXR SmartRaman


MSE 250


Included in Fixed Fee-For-Service Membership

Instrument Specifications
Smart Accessories 180-degree Accessory
Sample Holders

Capillary Tube Holder

Film Holder

Solids Holder

Pellet Holder

Bulk Liquid Holder

Spectral Range and Resolution


780 nm

Full-Range Grating

Spectral Resolution

5.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper Cutoff (cm-1)

3300 cm-1

Lower Cutoff (cm-1), 50% Maximum Transmitted Power

50 cm-1

High-Resolution Grating

Spectral Resolution

3.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper Cutoff (cm-1)

1800 cm-1

Lower Cutoff (cm-1), 50% Maximum Transmitted Power

50 cm-1

Raman Theory Videos
ThermoFisher Raman Theory (full playlist)    
Raman Training Videos
Full Playlist V. Collect Background X. Peak Identification
I. Initiate Software VI. Collect Sample XI. Manual Baseline Correction
II. Sample Holder VII. Collect Sample Holder XII. Cleanup
III. Sample Holder Alignment VIII. Saving Data  
IV. Collection Parameters IX. Background Subtraction  
Useful Documentation
UCR training and operators manual UCR MSE Raman Training Notebook rev 2.3 (last modified October 28 2023)
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