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Raman: ThermoFisher DXR SmartRaman


MSE 250


Included in Fixed Fee-For-Service Membership

Instrument Specifications
Smart Accessories 180-degree Accessory
Sample Holders

Capillary Tube Holder

Film Holder

Solids Holder

Pellet Holder

Bulk Liquid Holder

Spectral Range and Resolution


780 nm

Full-Range Grating

Spectral Resolution

5.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper Cutoff (cm-1)

3300 cm-1

Lower Cutoff (cm-1), 50% Maximum Transmitted Power

50 cm-1

High-Resolution Grating

Spectral Resolution

3.0 cm-1 FWHM

Upper Cutoff (cm-1)

1800 cm-1

Lower Cutoff (cm-1), 50% Maximum Transmitted Power

50 cm-1

Raman Theory Videos
ThermoFisher Raman Theory (full playlist) 2. Building Raman System 4. Deeper Look: Theoretical Basis
1. Raman Spectroscopy: Basics 3. Raman Instrumentation 5. Raman Polarization
Useful Documentation
UCR training and operators manual UCR MSE Raman Training Notebook rev 2.1 (last modified December 4 2019)