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Research from Ludwig Bartels

Open Molecular Network - Anthraquinone self-assembles on Cu(111) into a hexagonal network with a pore size many times the diameter of the molecule. This process occurs spontaneously, if the correct amount of anthraquinone is deposited; no lithographic or other patterning is required. The process is governed by a delicate balance between attractive intermolecular forces (by unconventional hydrogen bridge bonds involving the anthraquinone carbonyl group) and substrate-mediated repulsion. Potential applications include templating of surface patterns, as the resultant hexagonal film is resistant to deposition of a variety of co-adsorbates. 

Haberer Research imageResearch from Elaine Haberer & The Haberer Lab

Bio-Templating: The M13 Filamentous Virus - Bottom-up assembly techniques mimic processes in the natural world to arrange nanoscale components into larger scale structres. Such techniques are capable of precise assembly of devices on the nanometer scale, as well as building novel nanoscale or heterogeneous materials. The Haberer Lab uses the M13 filamentous virus, a biologically-based template, to assemble materials for electronic and optoelectronic applications from the bottom up.

Dave Kisailus and his graduate assistantResearch from David Kisailus

  • From Nature to Engineering - One major area of research in the Kisailus group at UC Riverside involves studying the processes of biomineralization in order to understand the mechanisms controlling the synthesis and organization (through self-assembly) of the resulting structures. The ultimate goals of our research are to develop novel "bio-inspired" synthetic processes toward novel, technologically relevant materials.

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  • The National Science Foundations page on Materials Research has general information, resources, funding opportunities, discoveries, publications and career information for materials researchers and scientists.


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