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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Materials Science & Engineering!

BartelsWelcome to the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering! You chose an exciting and flexible program to obtain Ph. D. and Master degrees in MSE. Over the next year, you will take classes in a wide variety of subjects and will gain insight in many aspects of MSE. UCR graduates in engineering and the physical sciences have excellent career opportunities in many different directions, from Fortune 500 to start-up companies, and from academia to government labs. Here at UCR you will have the opportunity to choose between classes and research fields that can put you on a trajectory for a multitude of career pathways. In the coming days, you will make your first choices: which classes to take in fall and the rest of the year, which research advisor to work with (if you have not done so yet), etc. All of them will lead to excellent opportunities; please meet with me to tailor them to your personal goals and individual strength! I look forward to meeting you over the next days and years as an integral part of UCR's MSE program and welcome you to the strong and growing family of UCR graduates!

Elaine Haberer, MSE Graduate Advisor

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